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1016 E. 15th St. Plano, TX (972) 424-2887


Here at Bar-Ranch all of our steaks come from the best prime and prime plus beef consisting of 100% Koroge Washu, Akaushi, American Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus. We then choose only the best prime cuts that will be aged for a minimum of 30 days in our custom aging room.  Our dry aging process incorporates Himalayan salt that gives our steaks their outstanding and unique flavor.

Our 2000cuft dry-age room was custom built and is the heart beat of our brand. We used Himalayan salt bricks to build our custom 100sqft salt wall to dry–age our steaks, creating arguably some of the best steaks in the DFW area. Our salt wall creates the perfect environment for the ageing process. The salt in along with other unique steps, purifies the air in the room, and allows a longer aging process while all along concentrating the flavor and producing a very unique product.

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